Monthly Archives: February 2013

AstroMcGill Episode 27 – Maxim Lyutikov

Guest: Maxim Lyutikov (Purdue University). We discussed how and why pulsars emit radiation at radio wavelengths, and at higher energies in the gamma-ray and X-ray bands.

Hosts: Ryan Lynch and Dave Tsang.

Duration: 19 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 26 – Brian Schmidt

Special podcast with 2011 Physics Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt (Australian National University). We had the honor of receiving Brian Schmidt for a podcast interview, during which we talked about his discovery that the Universe was expanding. Brian Schmidt, Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011.

Hosts: Ryan Lynch and Dave Tsang.

Duration: 27 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 25 – Christian Ott

Guest: Christian Ott (CalTech). We discussed the death of massive stars, called supernova explosions, and how we can try to understand them with computer simulations. Here is a link to the YouTube channel mentioned during the podcast: SXS Collaboration YouTube Channel.

Hosts: Ryan Lynch and Dave Tsang.

Duration: 24 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 24 – Joanna Rankin

Guest: Joanna Rankin (U. of Vermont). In this episode, the discussion was focused on her work on the emission mechanism of pulsars, sometimes called “cosmic lighthouses”.

Hosts: Sean GriffinRyan Lynch and Dave Tsang.

Duration: 20 minutes.