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AstroMcGill Episode 73 – Vikram Ravi

Vikram discusses Fast Radio Bursts, mysterious, millisecond-long, intense bursts of radio waves that probably come from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

Guest: Vikram Ravi (California Institute of Technology).

Hosts: Erik Madsen and Robert Archibald.

Duration: 16 minutes.

Production: Nick Adelson.

AstroMcGill Episode 25 – Christian Ott

Guest: Christian Ott (CalTech). We discussed the death of massive stars, called supernova explosions, and how we can try to understand them with computer simulations. Here is a link to the YouTube channel mentioned during the podcast: SXS Collaboration YouTube Channel.

Hosts: Ryan Lynch and Dave Tsang.

Duration: 24 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 14 – Marco Viero

Guest: Marco Viero (CalTech). He studies the cosmic infrared background and dark matter. We discussed these topics with him.

Hosts: Sebastien Guillot and Ryan Lynch.

Duration: 20 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 12 – Joaquin Viera

Guest: Joaquin Viera (CalTech). We discussed his research focused on bright and distant galaxies discovered with the South Pole Telescope and observed with the ALMA telescope.

Hosts: James Kennedy and Sebastien Guillot.

Duration: 17 minutes.

AstroMcGill Episode 3 – George Helou

Guest: George Helou, Executive director of the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at CalTech, and deputy director of the Spitzer Infrared Telescope Science team. We discussed his scientific research: Space infrared astronomy and galaxies.

Hosts: James Kennedy and Sebastien Guillot.

Duration: 24 minutes.