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AstroMcGill Episode 69 – Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

We were visited by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars during her graduate studies in the 1960s. She talks to us about the still highly active field of pulsar astronomy and her varied career since their discovery. We also discuss her tireless advocacy for women in physics and astronomy.

Guest: Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Oxford University).

Hosts: Robert Archibald and Gabrielle Simard.

Duration: 20 minutes.

Production: James O’Callaghan.

AstroMcGill Episode 68 – Chiara Mingarelli

Chiara talks to us about how timing the rotation of pulsars can be used to detect gravitational waves–ripples in the very fabric of the cosmos.

Guest: Chiara Mingarelli (California Institute of Technology).

Hosts: Erik Madsen and Chitrang Patel.

Duration: 19 minutes.

Production: James O’Callaghan.

AstroMcGill Episode 66 – Bryan Gaensler

Bryan talks to us about magnetic fields in the Universe (and a little bit about cows).

Guest: Bryan Gaensler (University of Toronto, Dunlap Institute).

Hosts: Erik Madsen and Gabrielle Simard.

Duration: 21 minutes.

Production: James O’Callaghan.


AstroMcGill Episode 20 – David Tsang

Guest: David Tsang (McGill). We talked about neutron star mergers as emitters of gravitational waves. These waves are ripples in the curvature of space-time.

Hosts: James Kennedy, Ryan Lynch and Sebastien Guillot.

Duration: 23 minutes.